Today's challenges require innovative solutions. At S2Tech Data Services, we constantly look for opportunities to improve on traditional methods, and deliver creative solutions that improve results, reduce cost and decrease risk.

S2Tech specializes in delivering solutions for Medicaid and Healthcare IT, providing support for new and ongoing initiatives including:

  • Data Conversion and Integration
  • System Integration
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • All Payer Claims Database
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Health Insurance Exchange

Our Data Services

Data Integration

Using the same ETL tools and methodology used for Data Conversion, S2Tech can design and implement data interfaces to interact with your trading partners, including :

  • Batch and Real-Time Data Integration
  • Integration with internal systems and external trading partners
  • Integration with proprietary or industry standard transaction sets (X12, HL7, etc.)
  • Integration with cloud based databases and applications

System Integration

ACA, HIPAA, MITA, and the growth of cloud based solutions have dramatically changed the landscape of Medicaid systems. S2Tech can bring together your disparate systems, providing comprehensive, cohesive system integration solutions to share and interchange data throughout your organization.

Independent Validation and Verification

S2Tech Data Services specializes in data conversion. Our data conversion experts understand the steps necessary for a successful data conversion project and we know the common traps and pitfalls that can seriously impact conversion projects. S2Tech Data Services can validate the processes, procedures, plans, and strategies in use by your development team, provide an overall assessment of the planned approach, and make the recommendations necessary to close gaps and mitigate risk.

Data Conversion

We specialize in large, complex data conversion projects, including MMIS and Eligibility System implementations. Using our proven Data Conversion Methodology, our patent pending Data Conversion Accelerator Framework (DCAF), and industry leading Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tools, S2Tech takes the risk out of large scale data conversion projects.

S2Tech Integration Services: DCAF

An Intelligent Solution to Drive a Comprehensive Methodology

S2Tech specializes in large scale data integration projects, and we built that expertise into our DCAF framework. DCAF was specifically engineered to complement S2Tech's comprehensive data integration methodology, and it provides key functionality necessary to fulfill the requirements of large scale data migration projects. Modern system databases are extremely complex, and source systems are often in very different data formats or technologies. With DCAF, data is first staged in a Staging environment specifically engineered for your line of business. This staging environment houses data in simple, organized data structures specifically designed for data incorporation. From there, ETL adaptors leverage the DCAF functional components to migrate the data to your target system. DCAF's intelligent data masking functions also allow you to generate meaningful test data while protecting personally identifiable information.

A Re-usable Data Integration Framework

DCAF integrates in to your core product, providing a data integration solution for all future implementations. The DCAF Staging Environment and Adaptors to your target system become part of your product, so future integration projects only require adaptors from the legacy environment to the DCAF staging environment. This moves the complex distribution of data, generation of keys, normalization, and commercial translation to the core product, making it available for future implementations. This greatly simplifies and accelerates the data integration effort for all future projects, saving time, cost and significantly reducing risk.

Let DCAF take the Stress out of your Data Integration Project

S2Tech's Data Conversion Accelerator Framework (DCAF) provides a comprehensive solution to accelerate the conversion development and validation effort.

More than a conversion methodology,DCAF packages a set of re-useablesoftware components specificallyengineered to fulfill key data conversion requirements common toall projects.

DCAF is a unique, cohesive solutionproviding developers with the tools torapidly develop conversion solutions.This results in the capability to provideconverted data earlier in the overallsystem development life cycle.

DCAF does not replace traditionalExtract, Transform and Load tools, butinstead integrates with your chosenETL tool, providing enhancedfunctionality specifically engineered tosupport data conversion projects.

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