Join us to uplift the less fortunate by providing them education resources.
You are gratified. We are enthusiastic. Kids are grateful.

Our Mission

To uplift the less fortunate by providing educational resources funded by voluntary donations that are matched by S2Tech.


Day Veerlapati, S2Tech\'s President and CEO, established the Fortune Fund to support educational opportunities for children from impoverished families in rural Indian communities. Financial assistance from the Fund enables the children\'s parents, farmers or laborers who cannot afford the luxury of an education, to let their children go to school and allows them to keep their children in school much longer than possible without financial support.

By providing the youth in poverty access to education, they become qualified for more job opportunities. This access to education and jobs gives the students the opportunity to bring themselves and their families out of poverty which in turn benefits the entire community. It is the goal of S2Tech and the Fortune Fund to create a positive economic impact on these communities so that they can grow and thrive in the future.

How It Works

Each year, high potential students from the 7th grade who are at risk of being pulled out of school due to their financial circumstances are selected to be provided with monetary and emotional support until they graduate. The Fortune Fund pays for the student\'s tuition, school supplies, two uniforms, and a pair of shoes. In recent years, the program has helped to enhance their learning environment even further by equipping each school with books, lab equipment, computers, and Internet access.


S2Tech takes pride in supporting this non-profit organization, mentoring programs, and financial contributions, and fund raisers such as:

  • Walk for Wisdom - annual one mile walk all across the United States and India that raises community awareness about the Fortune Fund
  • Fortune Fund Raffle - the Fortune Fund has hosted a couple raffles in which tickets can purchased to win one of many prizes
  • Sponsor-A-Student - individual students are paired with a U.S. based sponsor to support and encourage the student as the continue their education

97% of all proceeds go directly the students, and the other 3% go towards event costs. Each of these events and others has helped us to expand the Fortune Fund to support even more students.

Mentor Program

In addition to financial support, S2Tech employee(s) volunteer to mentor these students along the way, helping them to achieve top rankings among their classmates. The mentors provide encouragement and emotional support to Fortune Fund students.

Through a voluntary educational support program, we assign an employee to mentor each Fortune Fund sponsored student. The mentors meet with their students personally; correspond with them through e-mail about school activities and homework; and encourage them to study and work hard to obtain good grades.

Why Donate?

Your donation helps provide…
  • Classrooms
  • Books
  • Uniforms
  • Backpacks

...and much more!

Day Veerlapati (S2Tech's CEO)

matches all individual contributions made to the Fortune Fund.

You are: Gratified

We are: Enthusiastic

Kids are: Grateful