As an organization, S2Tech has supported the development and operation of numerous MMIS projects, and the development and operation of the Medicaid Eligibility systems for multiple State Medicaid programs.

Healthcare Eligibility Projects by State

Our Project Highlights

State Eligibility Modernization

S2Tech implemented Eligibility Modernization objectives in the current MEDSX system using IBM Rational test tools and new documentation to meet the seven conditions for enhanced funding recently released by CMS.
In addition to our years of Medicaid Eligibility experience, we have a number of managers with experience on multiple Medicaid and Eligibility projects. We also have staff with varying degrees of experience in both MMIS Member components and Eligibility systems, including our lead senior Eligibility SME who has 20+ years in Eligibility system development and training.

State Legacy System

A state's legacy system supports Medicaid, TANF and SNAP programs, and the eligibility determination module of vendor managed system for CHIP. The HIPAA 4010 transaction Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance was maintained by the Department of Human Services. As part of the upgrade to the HIPAA 5010 transaction, S2Tech created 834 transactions in the MMIS system to ensure that the eligibility information provided to trading partners is consistent with the most current information contained in MMIS.

What We Offer

Integrated System Development: We provide integrated application development/enhancement and maintenance solutions which are easy to integrate with other human health programs like SNAP and TANF. Our solutions are holistic in nature.

Data Conversion Services: We specialize in large, complex data conversion projects, including MMIS and Eligibility System implementations. We are experts in using our proven Data Conversion Methodology, our patented Data Conversion Accelerator Framework (DCAF), and industry leading Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tools. S2Tech takes the risk out of large scale data conversion projects.

Quality Assurance: S2Tech Quality Services restore client confidence in software development and implementation by delivering quality results. Our solutions are designed to accommodate existing client initiatives where testing is already in progress or offer full testing services throughout the entire software development life cycle.

Experienced and Trained Staff:  Our teams have technical expertise for creating modern applications, extending the applications to utilize the Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. Our people involved in Integrated Eligibility projects are provided domain training to equip them with the essentials of eligibility. In a consulting capacity, we extend the Integrated Eligibility domain training service to our clients.

Eligibility Determination Certification

This training reviews terminology specific to eligibility programs, provides information on how eligibility systems interface with other IT systems, and reviews the most common eligibility categories. As with our Medicaid Certification program , our eligibility determination training is a blend of instructor-led sessions and self-study, also with a multi-step certification process.

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