S2Tech Quality Services restores client confidence in software development and implementation by delivering quality results. Our staff is knowledgeable of best testing practices and is recognized in planning, process development, and testing to assure quality outcomes.

S2Tech's adaptive model offers industry-standard quality services with an emphasis on individualized client needs. Our solutions are designed to accommodate existing client initiatives where testing is already in progress or offer full testing services coverage throughout the entire software development life cycle.

What we offer

Industry Standards and Domain Expertise

S2Tech is recognized for years of industry experience in testing processes, documentation and reporting. Our Quality Services staff are proficient in developing test strategies and test plans; test environment preparation and maintenance; test execution and test reporting. S2Tech provides domain-experienced Quality Services based on thorough understanding of business processes, policies and technological solutions.

Adaptive Methodology

S2Tech understands that the approach to quality assurance and quality control is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach and must be tailored based on a client's need. During a Client Quality Suitability Assessment, S2Tech evaluates business processes, stakeholders and technology criteria to recommend a methodology and overall strategy for testing. S2Tech Quality Services model includes processes, templates and tools to conform to Agile, Waterfall (or customized hybrid) software development methodologies.

Testability and Traceability

In partnership with our clients, we develop comprehensive use cases, test plans and test cases to ensure testability and traceability of business and technical requirements. Our quality assurance processes and tools validate that execution is fully traceable back to requirements. S2Tech believes complete test coverage and verification is fundamental to quality system delivery. 

Independent Verification and Validation

In addition to quality control, S2Tech Quality Services provides an independent evaluation of project management, software development and testing processes. This verification and validation process ensures compliance with client expectations and identifies potential project, process or product risks and issues. S2Tech's IV&V service assures delivery of quality services to clients for the full project lifecycle from project initiation to product and operations support.

What we promise

Reduce Risk

  • We recommend and implement a client-adapted test strategy and approach for testing services based on a Client Quality Suitability Assessment.
  • S2Tech Quality Services is focused exclusively on quality assurance and quality control.
  • We evaluate and refine our processes after each project, applying lessons learned to ensure we continuously improve and enhance our solutions.

Reduce Waste

  • The S2Tech Quality Services model is based on proactive planning, not reactive rework.
  • Our testing processes leverage Lean concepts and Agile software development methodology where feasible to decrease execution timeline and provide client visibility to the product sooner.
  • We have established repeatable and reusable quality testing processes, templates and tools to reduce waste.

Reduce Cost

  • S2Tech Quality Services approach to reduce waste promotes process efficiencies and overall reduction in client costs.
  • S2Tech offers testing services on a fixed-price basis for our clients by leveraging the Client Quality Suitability Assessment and maximize value in the test approach.

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