Trainings we offer enable our employees to be successful, leading to our clients' success.

S2Tech invests in its employees and offers trainings and certification like no one else in the industry through copyrighted certification courses custom-created to add value to our customers. Our employees are trained to provide cutting edge IT solutions.
S2Tech also follows the principles from Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This training course is offered company-wide and reinforces principles of effectiveness. We believe that following the 7 Habits can make one effective in both work and personal life.

Trainings we provide
  • Domain Training
    S2Tech invests Certification domain training courses such as MMIS (Medicaid), Managed Care, Pharmacy Benefits (PBM), and Eligibility are offered at S2Tech. These programs are intensive programs, and our clients have said certification gives one up to the equivalent of 2 years hands-on experience!
  • Technical
    S2Tech offers technical training to support current and future projects. By staying on top of industry trends, S2Tech employees are ready to take on projects using the latest IT solutions.
  • Leadership
    S2Tech builds up current leaders through practical hands-on leadership topics such as our Leadership Essentials series course – a certification program specifically developed to help leaders in the IT industry. S2Tech also has leadership training opportunities to help develop the next generation of leaders.
  • Personal development
    S2Tech recognizes that what makes someone successful is being well rounded and taking care of their whole-self. We provide personal development training courses to help strengthen employees beyond the workplace.